Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boogieboarding and Kangaroos in Straddie

I got back today from Stradebroke Island (Straddie). Steph and I went for the day and then we ended up spending the night with her very gregarious friend Barry. What a blast! We left Brisbane by car and drove about 25 kilometers to the walk-on ferry. We got on with a boogieboard, a surf board that ended up not being used, and backpacks.

Now, are you sitting down? You probably are due to the fact that you're on a computer. Anyway, are your ready? After a few hours at the beach swimming, learning how to use a boogieboard, boogieboarding, and taking a gorgeous bluff walk, I saw my very first kangaroo. Two of them, actually. And as you can tell by the pictures, I got REALLY close. My Australian friends thought I was pretty silly for getting so excited, but I think they understood.

Now for the important stuff:
Tommy, Edwin, Cameron, Ricardo and Veronica: Yes, I had a great day today. We got up super early on Straddie and took a long walk on the beach and enjoyed a cup of coffee before heading back to Brisbane by ferry.

Cameron: Thanks for reading the blog.

Rodney and Ellis: I have not yet seen tigers, lions or leopards.

Veronica: I am sleeping on a very comfy bed in an awesome house in the city-- not on hay.

Mr. B.- Thanks for having the kids write-- this is fun!

Maria R.: The thunderstorm was not so scary-- more exciting, really. No snakes or cheetahs-- but YES on the kangaroos! It's 95 degrees Fahrenheit, not 1000. Wow, that would be hot! It's comfy at night, but it's been hard getting used to the time difference. I've been waking up REALLY early. I have not seen cheetahs or wolves.

Yesenia and Jewel: Of course you'll see me again! I'll hang out with you guys for an afternoon in January.

I'll write again in a couple days. Don't forget to click on the pictures link. Cheers!


Tera said...

Wow, those koala bears are cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow ms.v that is a cool story you ben to a lot of plases you are a good story teller.i like you'r story's you are cool.

keanna said...

How are u good ihope write back

Anonymous said...

Hey ms.v how are you doing i love you'r story's they are so cool.when are you coming back.

Anonymous said...

ms.v did you see any tigers over there write me back pleas love edwin

eduardo said...

How is your friend Barry and you?

flor said...

Did you have fun at the beach? How was the water at the beach?

jasmine said...

I like the kanguro.It is so you like it.I hope Jasmine.