Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bear and I are back in Seattle!

After a LOVELY trip back east, Bear and I are back home in our apartment in Seattle. We went to Boston, Massachusetts, Northampton, Massachusetts, Silver Spring, Maryland, Yellow Springs, Ohio, and Washington, DC. It was really great to see so many family and friends.

We'll only be home for about a month and a half and then we are off to Austrailia. I really look forward to sending out pictures of crocodiles to everyone. That, and being in a hot a place in December. Did you know that Australia's summer is during our winter? Weird, huh?

But until then, Bear and I are going to visit our very favorite places in and around Seattle:

  • The Space Needle

  • This one is my favorite. You can view live pictures of Seattle.

  • The Washington Park Arboretum

  • The Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library

  • Click on the Central Branch, and then click on the photos link-- it's the coolest library ever!

  • Marra Farm in South Park

  • The Pike Place Market

  • Discovery Park

  • Mount Rainier National Park

  • Mount St. Helens

  • The fish ladder at the Ballard Locks
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