Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Getting organized for the Bicycle Trip

Here in Seattle life is pretty great. In addition to hitting up Bear's favorite places to visit in town, I've been looking up lots of historical sites and schools to visit along the way on my bicycle trip that will be taking place from early February to April, 2007. I've also been working on mapping out my trip. When I look at what I've come up with so far, it looks like a W written backwards starting in Savannah, Georgia and ending in central Louisiana.

....Well... actually, I'm not QUITE so certain of the ending place just yet. I was thinking of riding as far north as Little Rock, Arkansas to step in to the famous Central High, as well as visiting Bill Clinton's Presidential Library. We'll see-- that would be a long ways from Lafayette, Louisiana which I plan to visit in early April. By my next update in mid-November, I hope to have more of an idea of where I'll be going.

For now, here is a short sampling of some places I will be going. Click on the town to find out where I'll be going in that town.

  • Savannah, Ga

  • Plains, Ga

  • Boykin, Al

  • Plantersville, Al

  • Selma, Al

  • Montgomery, Al

  • Gloster, Mississippi

  • Lafayette, La

    Tera said...

    These links are great!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Ms V Hope you're having a good time in Australia.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey ms.v i hope you are having a good time in australia. shayna

    Jenny @ Concord said...

    Marcia, Sandy and I are so happy for you and we look forward in following your wonderful adventure.