Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Glow Worms and Green Tree Frogs in Springbrook

After several days in touristy but amazing northern Queensland (in and around Cairns), I took a flight back to Brisbane, then hopped on a train to Robina. There I was picked up by Steph and Allie, and their friends Ebony and Amanda. Allie is a friend from the US, and is here for several weeks. Ebony and Amanda live up in the mountains in Springbrook. AHHHHH!!! It was so lovely to be in such a remote place with such awesome people.

Ebony and Amanda rent out a chalet up in the mountains and that's where we stayed for a few nights.

One day while up in Springbrook, Allie, Steph and I took a 17 kilometer hike in the rainforest of Springbrook National Park. We went pst several waterfalls and even had a chance to go swimming... but it was pretty freezing-- so we only took a little dip.

At Springbrook National Park, there's a place called the Natural Arch. It's a bit of a cave with a waterfall running into it. Anyway, Ebony is a ranger for the park and she took Allie and I to the cave at night. Wow! I hope someday that you'll be able to see this dear reader: the cave was lit up with glow worms. You know, glow worms- like in James and the Giant Peach! I felt like I was stargazing into galaxies of them. The picture above isn't great-- but it gives a bit of a sense of what it was like.

On the way out of the cave, we heard a ton of green tree frogs. Ebony picked one up, and Allie and I each got to hold it. It was so beautiful. We also saw really scary looking spiders that we decided not to hold.

Now I am back in Brisbane with Bear, Allie, Steph and Steph's flatmates Rollie and Stu. Allie and I went out in the morning and played some tennis. Good thing we got out early. It has already gotten to be pretty hot out there-- 28 degrees!

Here are some very fun links for you:

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    Michael said...

    WOW! What an adventure. Your photos, notes and links are great.
    I'll bet the kids are thrilled.
    Happy Holidays and take care :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Marcia. So you played some tennis, huh? Have you been hearing any buzz about the Australian Open, which starts in January? They have a kids' day during the first week, and all school kids are admitted for free-at least I think so.

    We have had some bad weather in Seattle as you know. There are 1.5 million people without power, and 3 people have died. Strong winds and lots of rain. No school today-Dec. 15th.

    Ms. Ventura said...

    Thanks Michael! Is this Michael in Washington DC? Hey!!! Hope December is treating you well-- happy holidays and great to hear from you!


    Ms. Ventura said...

    Jim! No school ay? Wow, that must have been very exciting for the kids... who had power. I bet kids who ddin't have power were wishing they were at school :)

    I'll have to look into the kids' day of tennis. I wish I were going to still be here for it-- I bet it's a HUGE deal here.

    See you soon, dear friend. Looking forward to hanging out on the courts , maybe?



    Anonymous said...

    Id like to say HI To Christan I like you.How are you ms v you are the best teacher ever.

    Anonymous said...

    Id like to say HI To Christan I like you.How are you ms v you are the best teacher ever.