Thursday, March 01, 2007

J.E. Terry Elementary School, an Avon Meeting, and Missing a Tornado

Thanks Ms. Chance's class for a GREAT visit!

Today I write to you from Montgomery, Alabama. And all I have to say is WHEW! I woke up this morning from camping out behind Tom's gas station north of Plantersville, and went into his store after packing up. He had the TV on because there are severe weather warnings for pretty much the entire state of Alabama.... Tornado warnings to be exact.

The weatherman said that the bad weather would start at about noon, so I got on my bike and pedaled fast-- hoping to get to Montgomery by noon (48 miles). Well I didn't make it more than 10 miles when I started to get a bit worried. I stopped riding, and a pick-up truck pulled over. Ray and Malenna picked me up and took me to Montgomery. Ray runs a school here in Montgomery and asked if I would speak to his kids-- of course I said yes! More on that school visit in the next post.

My visit yesterday to J.E. Terry Elementary School went fantastically well. Those kids were GREAT. I spent the afternoon with Ms. Chance's fourth graders at this small country school-- about 140 kids. They asked smart questions and gave me good advice about where I should go while I'm in their area. I hope to see many of them at the Bridge Crossing Jubilee in Selma this weekend!

So now I know... you're dying to know.... an Avon meeting?!?! Well, yes. On Tuesday night I pulled into the Living Waters Church five miles north of Selma and asked Pastor Wayne if I could spend the night in the church's backyard. He said yes, and after I set up my tent his wife Marleen came by. She invited me not only to take a much needed shower, but also to an Avon meeting she was going to that evening. I took her up on both, and had a wonderful time.

We went over to Mrs. Hatch's house and I listened to a presentation on the latest product line while having the tastiest ham and cheese sandwich I've ever had. Due to space considerations regarding my four panniers I did not get any Avon products that evening.

I also got to talk to Mrs. Hatch who has lived in Selma all of her life. She was working at a movie theater same day as Bloody Sunday in 1965, and told me all about what life was like for her at that time. Thanks everyone-- especially to the Hatch family and to Pastor Wayne and Maureen for such wonderful southern hospitality.



Anonymous said...

Marcia--did I tell you that my grandmother lived in Selma when she was a little girl? You can look up the Henry Family (Ted and Debbie) and tell them you know me--they live on Church Street, I believe, and run Henry Brick Company.

We saw the weather today and had a great concern about where you were. It sounds like you are taking care of yourself and not riding in dangerous conditions. I am glad that you are still getting to where you need to go every day through the kindness of those Southerners!

We are thinking of you!

Ms. Ventura said...

Thanks Tammy and Lynn! Yes, it would have been a nightmare to try to make it all the way into Montgomery by bike yesterday. Plus, I wouldn't have had the remarkable time I had yesterday at Ray's school.

Thank Goodness for Southern hospitality!


PS I'll be sure to look up the Henry Family.