Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Read All About It: A Wonderful Weekend in Liberty, Mississippi

Taking a walk along Clark Creek.
I just had a GREAT weekend staying in Liberty, Mississippi-- as a guest of Mr. and Mrs. McGehee. I was just going to stay Friday night, but as it turned out I had such a wonderful time in Liberty that I ended up staying until yesterday afternoon (Monday).

The last time I wrote, Dear Reader, I was in Gloster speaking at Gloster Elementary School. Well, over the weekend I got to take a fantastic nature hike with Mrs. McGehee at Clark Creek, eat crawfish chowder atop catfish (and many other TASTY meals), hang out with some adorable grandchildren, and attend church at the First Baptist Church of Liberty-- a beautiful historic church right in downtown. I also got to have extended conversations with both Mr. and Mrs. McGehee about the civil rights era in Amite County and the current state of race in the county now-- especially in regards to schools. It is amazing how much you can learn through conversation. So thanks to the McGehees' and their extended family for the wonderful hospitality.

Oh-- and get this: I was interviewed for the town newspaper and I was very surprised to see that the article was on the front page. Ha! So read all about it. :)

The newspaper in Liberty comes out in the afternoon, so I waited until then to head out of town. That, and I got a bit lost heading out from the property where I was staying to downtown Liberty. Thanks, Mr. McGehee, for picking me up :) He also set up a place for me to stay with Lea and J. Williamson in Jackson, Louisiana. (Thanks Lea and J.!) I am at the Jackson Library at the moment writing to you. I'll head off when I'm done to St. Francisville. And in a couple of days I'll get to Baton Rouge.

Oh-- one more thing: for those of you that have been hurting your knuckles knocking on wood for me to not get a flat tire-- you can stop now. I go my first flat tire this morning on the way to the library. No worries-- I fixed it up in no time. :) Cheers!


franchesca said...

Hi ms.v how was mississippi?was it fun?when r u coming back and how many more places do u have to go to?

Marcia Ventura said...

I had a really wonderful time in Amite County, Mississippi with the McGehee family. They are wonderful people. I went to a ton of places after Mississippi in Louisiana!

All the best,