Sunday, February 11, 2007

Greetings from Savannah, Georgia

Hey Dear Reader! I made it! I'm writing to you from Savannah, Georgia. It's so gorgeous here, I can't even begin to tell you... but I'm going to try. First off, the city is very old. There are twenty-four squares that are evenly spaced throughout the city, and in each one are fountains or statues, and every single one is lined with trees that are oozing with Spanish moss. Gorgeous, dear reader, just gorgeous.

Remember my friends Keith and Heather from the last entry? Well we've been hanging out a ton since my arrival on Friday evening. We've walked on the riverfront, had many nice meals and bicycled through most of the squares. Yesterday at Forsythe Square a man was making roses out of palm leaves and gave one to Heather and one to me. I've since attached it to my bike; I'll let you know how long that lasts-- hopefully you'll be able to see it in Seattle when I get back.

This morning (Sunday), dear reader, I think I had my very favorite experience so far: I went to a church service at the First African Baptist Church. I absolutely loved going to church this morning :) It is the oldest Black church in North America, starting in 1777 and it was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Today we went to Fort Pulaski-- also a stop on the Underground Railroad after a very short but critical battle was won by the Union Army over the Confederate Army. There is a ton of very cool information about this old Fort, now a National Park at the website.

So tomorrow I'll be bicycling out of Savannah! I'm going to head south first to the Okeefanokee Swamp Park. It'll take me a couple of days to get over there as it is a bit over a 100 miles away from Savannah. From there I'll head east to Plains, Georgia-- the home of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. I'll get to Plains by Saturday the 17th. I'll post pictures next time I can get to the Internet. Till then--



Anonymous said...

I love Savannah! It is beautiful, isn't it? Did you eat at Lady & Sons? I meant to tell you to...or maybe I did...or maybe you did.
Happy, Safe Travels!

Ms. Ventura said...

Thanks Kate! I love Savannah too. I ate at several awesome places, but Lady & Sons was not one of them. Next time!

Cheers Kate!