Sunday, February 18, 2007

It was Chilly on the Bike...but it's been VERY warm in Plains

Happy Sunday Dear Reader. I'm writing to you from Plains, Georgia, the home of Betty and Boze Godwin-- the family of my friends Melinda and Chris back in Washington State. Boze is the mayor here in Plains, which is the also the home of our 39th President, Jimmy Carter.

President Carter, his wife Rosalynn, the Godwins, and many other folks in town attend the same church: the Maranatha Baptist Church. In fact, President Carter is a deacon at the church and teaches Sunday School before services fairly often. So guess what I got to do today? I got to go to Sunday School and sit next to President and Mrs. Carter during services. What an honor--it was so great!! Among other Sunday School topics, President Carter talked about his latest trip to Africa where the Carter Center is working hard to eradicate diseases that we are fortunate enough not to have in this country.

The Plains High School is now the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site. Betty and I went there today and I learned all about President Carter's time in High School, how he became Governor of Georgia and then on to become President of the United States. He has always been a champion of civil rights in this country and human rights throughout the world, and he won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2002. He is very, very loved here in Plains. Tomorrow I'm going to visit his boyhood home right outside of town.

So when I say that it has been warm here in Plains, I do not mean the weather-- it hasn't warmed up quite yet. No, I mean the hospitality. I feel like the kindness is coming at me from all directions, and I am so very thankful.

There is so much else to talk to you about, dear reader. The three day ride between Waycross and Plains was good, but it was COLD. The wind was slowing me down significantly and I only rode an average of 7-8 miles an hour on one day-- even on the downhills. It has been so bitter cold at night that I have had to stay in motels. That can be fun for sure, but I'm looking forward to the weather turning a bit warmer.

The most interesting town I got to between here and Plains was definitely Fitzgerald. Check out this site-- what an interesting history! It was started as a colony for Union soldiers just after the civil war.

To check out the distances I have gone each day, check out the calendar and the route. I'll be staying in Plains for another couple of nights. Thanks for keeping in touch and writing. I'm really loving all of the comments and e mails.

Cheers, Dear Reader!


Anonymous said...

Very cool that you met the former President! Tammy and I saw him from afar in Alaska a couple of years ago. During his presidency, he protected a huge part of Alaska from oil drilling and other development. Apparently he and his wife were there to visit and go fishing.

Stay warm!


Ms. Ventura said...

I know!!! IT was SO cool to meet President Carter. He and his wife were so nice to me and it was such an honor there.

Good to know about his connection with Alaska-- it doesn't suprise me at all.

All the best to you and Tammy.


Anonymous said...

Hi ms.v was it cool seeing president carter and his wife?How many more places do you have to go to?Did you get to go in the presidents house?You must be really special to get to take a picture with the president. sinceraly:Franchesca

Ms. Ventura said...

Franchesca: I didn't get to go to President Carter's house, but I sure had fun going to his church and taking a picture with him.