Friday, March 23, 2007

A Great Time in Gloster

Four students from the third grade class joined Mrs. McGehee and me in front of the school.
Yesterday I left Natchez by way of Liberty Road and headed toward Route 33 leading me in the direction of Gloster, Mississippi. There were no stores on the road for thirty-five miles, so I was glad that I had filled up all three water bottles and bought a LARGE bag of trail mix. I had scheduled this visit before I left for the bicycle trip by calling Mrs. Susan McGehee, principal of Gloster Elementary School.

As I passed through Crosby on the way to Gloster, Mrs. McGehee picked me up and took me to where she lives-- farther north in Amite County (pronounced a- MITT). I got to meet her family, including new twin grandsons-- seven weeks old! So cute. Mrs. McGehee is running for superintendent of the county and I hope that she wins-- she's already a WONDERFUL principal.

This morning I rode the 10 miles from Mrs. McGehee's family property over to the school and got to meet with seven classes or so here at the school. The school is a K-8 school. There is one other K-8 school in the county and one high school. It's pretty different in Seattle. There we have over 60 elementary schools, 10 middle schools and 12 high schools. I had lunch with a great group of seventh grade girls and answered questions from them, first, second, third and fifth graders today!

So thanks Gloster Elementary for the FANATSTIC southern hospitality. Kids at this school are sharp and witty and awesome. I've had a great day. From here I'll be headed south and I'll be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by next Thursday.

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