Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bicycle Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when are you starting and ending?

I'll be flying to Savannah, Georgia on February 5, 2007 and starting out by bicycle on or around the 8th. I'll be ending in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 10th, 2007. I'll volunteer in New Orleans for about five days or so to help with the post-Katrina recovery effort there. Then I'll go on another flight to Washington, DC to hang out with my Mom and Dad for a week and a half in Maryland. I'll come back to Seattle on April 25th.

Why are you going to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana?

I grew up in Maryland and I have always been very curious about the South. Particularly, I have waned to go to some of the cities and towns that were made famous during the Civil Rights Era. I would like to see these places for myself. Also, I want to visit schools in a different part of the country to see similarities and differences with schools in Seattle.

Why are you biking there? Why not just take a car?

I don't have a car. Also, since I can only go around 60 or 70 miles a day by bike each day, I will have time to talk to lots of people about what they love about their area of the country and about what they think about the history of the South. Another reason I am bicycling is that I want to use my body and get a ton of exercise, and last but not least: I won't be using any gas- so my trip will be a trip that causes very little pollution.

How will you be safe?

I use my instincts a lot when I am on bicycle trips. If something does not seem right about a place, I'll just move on. But the GREAT (99%) majority of the time, people are really friendly to people traveling by bicycle. I have my cell phone and will call my Mom and Dad everyday.

How often will you write in the blog?

I will write in my blog at least once a week- hopefully more. Whenever I have the time to devote to writing a post and a computer handy, I'll be in touch.

Will you get lonely?

Sometimes, I am sure that I will get lonely. But I will be having a ton of fun most of the time, I have Bear, I'll meet lots of new friends, and I can always call my Mom and Dad.

Have you done any other bicycle trips?

I have! I've done a few. In 1996 my friend Melinda and I biked from Seattle to San Francisco. One year later, my friend Keith and I biked from Missoula, Montana to Seattle, Washington. In 2002 my friend Jim (Mr. B.) and I went around the Olympic Peninsula together. And in 2003 I took my first big trip by myself: I went from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

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Michael Marks said...

Ms. Ventura,

This sounds like a very cool itenerary. Our class will be following your posts in your blog. We look forward to learning some "positive" things about the South. We just read "Because of Winn Dixie" and we're wondering how similar it is to the book.

-Mr. Marks