Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Moreton Island on a Japanese Fire Truck

My goodness dear reader, I heard that many of you in Seattle had a VERY exciting day last Friday. No school?!?!? No power?!!?! Wow. How was that for you? You'll have to let me know. Thanks Mr. B. for letting me know that you all had the day off.

Well things here have been pretty exciting. No torrential winds or downpours here, but I did take a trip to an island with Alli and Steph in a Japanese fire truck. Well, it's not one anymore, but back before many of you were born this truck was used to haul water somewhere in the country of Japan. And when it was no longer needed as a fire truck, it was sold to Steph's parents and they used it to carry their horses around their property. They were kind enough to let us borrow the old fire truck for a spin around the island.

Please note, dear reader, that this island is pretty big and is all sand.... no roads. So we took this old fire truck on the ferry, got off on the island, and put it into four wheel drive and got going! Wow! I even got to drive it myself! I've gotten used to the steering wheel being on the right side of the car, and because there wasn't really correct side of the road per se, I was pretty comfortable driving the truck around. It was VERY bumpy. BUMPY.

Map of Moreton Island

The island was so gorgeous. There were really cool shipwrecks to swim around and huge waves to boogieboard. We left on Sunday afternoon and got back tonight (Tuesday). One side of the island faces land and one side faces the Pacific Ocean, so as you can imagine, the beaches were really different depending on where we were. We camped on the beach the first night and back in the dunes the next.

OH! And here's lesson number two for you, dear reader: reapply the sunscreen after you've put it on. I got a sunburn again the first full day on the beach-- so today I stuck to the shade.

And one more thing: when you look at the pictures you'll see some pictures of a ferry ride. Steph helped to organize a bittersweet party to celebrate the last run of the Dutton Park ferry. This ferry traveled across the Brisbane River to the University of Queensland for forty years, and stopped running on Sunday because a new bridge has been put in. On the bright side, the bridge will only allow buses, bicyclists and walkers. For more information on the ferry, click on the link by the pictures to the right.

That's all for now, mates. Catch you later!

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