Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In Cairns and off to the Reef

Hi again dear reader. I love all your comments!

I feel like so much has happened since the last time I wrote to you. First, I am not in Brisbane anymore. Steph took me to the airport and I took a plane to Cairns yesterday morning. I'll return to Brisbane on Sunday. Check out the map by clicking on "Where's Ms. V?" to the right. As you can see, Cairns is VERY close to the Great Barrier Reef. I went there today and wow-- it was pretty incredible.

Here's a link for you to see even more of the fish and corral than I saw today:

  • Explore The Great Barrier Reef

  • I took a really HUGE boat-- much bigger than I thought it would be-- out to Green Island. I was a little bummed about being with so many other tourists at first (about 300 on the boat). But then I realized that I think we are all probably doing much less damage to the Great Barrier Reef if we all go to one place, then if were were to scatter. Green Island is in the Inner Reef, and is so small that I walked around the entire island today in 45 minutes. I think the walk was my favorite part. I snorkeled too, and saw some pretty amazing fish. I saw even more fish and corral when went on a small boat for a half hour that had a glass bottom. (Remind me to tell you the funny story about the clown fish when I see you. It's much better told in person.) The reef is full of so many different kinds of corral and fish. It is the largest reef in the world. Click on the link above and learn tons more!

    The only bummer of the trip is that my back is REALLY sunburned. Oooeeee, dear reader: when traveling alone under the sun it is crucial to make a friend to help put the sunscreen on where you can't (such as your back, for instance). I mean, it's important to make friends in cloudy weather too, but... ooooph. I didn't make any friends today on the boat, and it shows. I made a couple friends while snorkeling, but alas I met them after the damage was already done.

    Many of you in the last comments asked about what time it is for me here. Here's the deal, and it's a little tricky: When you're in Seattle, the time is 6 hours ahead of me. If it is 10 am here, it is 4pm for you. But hold on-- it's not that easy-- you're a day behind me. So, if it's 10 am here on Tuesday, it is 4 pm in Seattle on Monday. Just think of me as being in the future.

    More pictures will be added soon. Be good and keep those comments coming! Cheers!


    Anonymous said...

    You are so funny. And I have a hard time imaging an island you can walk around in 45 minutes.
    The Reef! I am just in awe. . . . I can't wait to hear the clown fish story.

    And I appreciate your advice. I will make sure to head it in the future.
    Love, Cait

    Ms. Ventura said...

    Thanks Cait! Believe me, it was the smallest developed island I've ever been to. 45 minutes. No joke.

    And don't you worry Cait, you'll hear the fish story in a few short weeks.