Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Couple of Precious Extra Days in Plains

What a wonderful time I had in Plains, Georgia. I got to see President Carter and his wife Rosalynn again today-- this time at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new biodiesel plant that is going to be opening up in Plains by the end of the year. Biodiesel is an alternative to using regular diesel, and is made by using plants such as soybeans. Many folks out in Seattle have been using biodiesel for years-- they have used the excess oil from fast food restaurants and using that to run their diesel cars. Well now bio diesel is being made in factories using the oil from plants. Way to go Plains!!!

Why is this good? Well, for one thing, it is so much better for the environment to use plants that you can grow every year to run cars and trucks rather than using fossil fuels that are going to run out at some point. Also, much of the fossil fuels that we do use to run our cars and trucks come from countries that don't like the United States very much. One more thing: farmers here in Georgia and all over the country grow soybeans every year. So isn't it great that we're going to start using fuel that can be made right here in Georgia?! Make sure you read all about what the newspaper had to say about this great event today.

What else was I up to in Plains? Well, Betty continued showing me all around the town. I got to visit President Carter's Boyhood Home -- check out the pictures of that in the Plains folder. Also, I went with Betty and Boze to the pre-Biodiesel Plant opening dinner, pre-ceremony breakfast, and post-ceremony lunch. It was there that I learned more than I ever thought I'd learn about bio-diesel production plants from folks who work in the industry and investors alike.

Dear Reader, this might be the first time that I ever gain weight on a bicycle trip. Betty sent me away with five bags of homemade candy. Thanks Betty! Southern hospitality is truly amazing.

Right now I'm just south of Atlanta. I didn't think that I'd get to go to Atlanta on this trip, but Jill, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast in town, gave me a lift up to Jonesboro (just south of Atlanta) with my bicycle and panniers. I'll spend the day in Atlanta tomorrow, and then on Thursday I'll head south (back on the bike!) to meet up with my friend Becky in Warner Robins.


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