Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Day Away From New Orleans

Passing through more of Cajun county on the way to New Orleans.
Bonjour, Dear Reader, I'm writing you from Thibodaux (pronounced Ti-bo-dough), Louisiana. I was really surprised that the library was open here, for it is the Easter holiday weekend, and I am in southern Louisiana, which takes Easter pretty seriously. Yesterday, Good Friday, the libraries, schools, banks, and most stores were closed. SO I was surprised that today things would be open. Tomorrow everything will be closed again. I will have to make sure to get all the trail mix I need to make it to New Orleans.

Last night I stayed in the backyard of a VERY friendly household just west of Donner. This morning I was sent on my way with freshly and beautifully painted Easter eggs. Too beautiful to eat!

The last couple of days have been great, though the weather has turned VERY cold-- almost as cold as it was getting into Plains, GA in February. I am starting to wish that I hadn't send back my tights and fleece jacket. I will be okay, I'm sure. I think tonight I will stay in a motel, though, as it will be getting down to the mid-thirties overnight.

It is hard to believe that I am merely 50 miles from New Orleans. I will get there tomorrow and volunteer from Monday through Saturday with Habitat for Humanity, to help rebuild homes destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. I look forward to telling you all about it, Dear Reader.

Take care, and happy Easter to all who celebrate the holiday!


Anonymous said...

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Ms. Ventura said...

Wow-- your cat gets around-- he has lots of friends!

Ms. V