Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The final round of classroom vsits and a few important updates!

Hey everyone! All in all I got to go to eight classrooms in four schools. I missed my chance to go to Mr. Marks' third graders at Van Asselt Elementary. Sorry guys-- I'll catch you on my way back into town for sure!

Last week I got to go to Concord Elementary School one more time to visit Mr. B's third graders, Ms. Kiser's and Mr. Miller's third grade classes at Kimball Elementary School, and Ms. Brown's fifth grade class at Hawthorne Elementary School. Everyone's favorite part of the visit seemed to be going inside the tent! That's awesome, and I will be thinking of you guys each night I spend inside. Actually, Mr. Miller's third graders seemed to be pretty excited to shake Bear's paw (who wouldn't?!).

Some updates: I will not be going directly to Savannah on February fifth. Why NOT?!?!? No worries, dear reader, I'm still going on my bike trip, I just decided to spend time with my parents in Silver Spring, Maryland first. Also, get this: my friend Keith who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina (a four hour drive from Savannah) is going to come down and spend the weekend with me there. Now I'll be setting out on my bike trip on Monday, February 12th. Sometimes there are some REALLY good reasons to change plans.

One last thing: make sure you check out a couple of new additions to the blog.
  • You can always find where I am (or at least where I was the last time I got online) by clicking on Where's Ms. V.?
  • Also, many of you have asked many questions about the bike accident I was in last spring. You can read the story now.
  • Lastly, remember that if I forgot any of the fantastic suggestions you guys made for my packing list when I visited your class, or if you have any questions or comments, write me a comment!
Ok, the next time I write you will be from Maryland! Cheers!!

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