Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Third Round of Classroom Visits and Hair Advice

Dear reader, you guys are making my day....actually... you're making my January. It has been so wonderful to be here in Seattle visiting classes each day. Today I made one last visit to Concord Elementary, and yesterday I got to go to Endeavour Elementary (And I learned how to spell it, too).

The visits have been super. Yesterday in Ms. Thomas's fourth grade class I not only got to talk about the bicycle trip, but I also got to talk about my trip to Australia. They asked me a ton of questions about the trip and I shared funny memories from my outing to the Great Barrier Reef. The class also made some suggestions to me for my bicycle trip that I wanted to share with you. There was some concern about my hair. One student suggested that in addition to shampoo I bring conditioner, and another suggested a hairbrush. Now help me out here: is there something about my hair that I should know?

Also, another student mentioned that I should take seven shirts. Seven. Seven? We had a bit of a conversation about packing light. I'm trying to pack light, guys. And of course that means I'll be doing my laundry often. I am still open to suggestions... maybe I should take more than two... but I don't think I'll be taking seven.

Today I made my last pre-bike trip visit to Concord Elementary School. It's always so great to see my good friends there. In addition to seeing good friends and co-workers, I got to chat with Mr. B's third grade class up in the library with Ms. T. Those third graders have written some great questions on the blog and I hope that they continue while I'm on the road :)

Make sure you check the packing list and let me know if I didn't put anything on the list. You can let me know about that or anything else by leaving a comment. (If the the comment page does not work, ask your teacher nicely if they would mind writing one on your behalf.) Thanks to Jackie, Jenny and Tera for leaving messages on the last posting. Remember to check back on that same comment page for my responses. Cheers, my good friends!


Steph said...

I always thought your hair looked very neat and clean.. Maybe there is concern that after wearing a helmut all day it might get a little messed up..

Well personally I like the messy hair look.

It's super hot here in Brisbane at the moment. You came at just the right time Marcia. A snowman would barely survive for 5 minutes.

Take care on your ride.
Can't wait to hear news from the road.


Anonymous said...

Hey there.

So sorry that I couldn't make it out to your big pre-ride drink up.

Your hair is fine.
I would be more worried about the laundry. Yes, I said it, laundry. I am a fan of the seven shirt theroy. But then, I don't practice packing light. :)

Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

Id like to say HI To Christan I like you.How are you ms v you are the best teacher ever.

Michael Marks said...

Ms. Ventura,
This sounds like a very cool itinerary. Our class will be following your posts in your blog. We look forward to learning some "positive" things about the South. We just read "Because of Winn Dixie" and we're wondering how similar it is to the book. -Mr. Marks

Marcia Ventura said...

Dear Steph,
Thanks for your kind words on my hair. I appreciate it. You should know, however, that I cut much of it off in preparation for the big ride :)

I bet it's super hot in Brisbane! Ahhhh! Can't wait to come back and see you back there at some point, Steph!



Marcia Ventura said...

Cait Alexander,

Yes, I'm sorry you didn't make it either to the Have A Happy Bike Trip Party. Look forward to seeing you at the Great To See You Again party.

I'll take your shirt advice under consideration.


Marcia Ventura said...

Thanks Christian! Who's class are you in?

Marcia Ventura said...

Mr. Marks,

As I travel through the south, I will let you know as soon as I'm able about any connections I can make with the Winn Dixie book.


Ms. V.

Tera said...

If Bear doesn't have to take a bath for 3 months, why do you have to?