Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Second Round of Great Advice

Hello Readers! After some searching, this was the coolest picture I could find on line to sum up the last week in Seattle. First off-- yes! There was actually enough snow to make this. The "12" flag represents the Seattle fans' support of our Seattle Seahawks. I thought that last game against the Bears was very well played by the Hawks, though in the end of course they lost. Bummer.
Anyway! Ms. Kate and Ms. Linda's classes were awesome and I had a fantastic time hanging out with them last week at Concord. So five snow days, huh?... Hope you've been having fun!

As with my trip to Mr. Hunt's class last week, I got further fantastic advice from the students at Concord Elementary. Listen in when you get a chance. (The podcasts are also on iTunes if this link doesn't work for you. :)) Advice from kids can also be found on the ever growing packing list. How will I fit everything in my panniers (the now overstuffed bags on the front and back of my bicycle)? I'll figure it out, I'm sure.

In any case, the latest:
  1. Buy a new helmet. (Really? I like my blue one! Oh! Wait! I think you must be thinking of the other helmet I'm taking along-- the orange one. Ah! That one I'm bringing along to talk about the bicycle accident I was in last April. No worries, though... I won't be wearing it!)

  2. Take some cool pictures and put them on the computer.

  3. Don't ride at night.

  4. Don't forget a socket wrench and a water bottle.

  5. Tell us if there's anything you see that is related to MLK.

  6. Bring money and shampoo.

  7. Take more pictures of animals.

  8. And last, have a baby shower for Bear. (I'm confused... do you guys know something I don't? Is Bear having a child?)
Thanks guys! Next week I'll be heading to back to Concord, to Endeavor Elementary in Mukilteo, WA and to Kimball Elementary in Seattle.
Right now I'm writing to you from Boston, Massachusetts-- the home of my grandmother, Mima, and my Aunt Lorraine. (That Boston link is SUPER cool and you should click on it as soon as you get to the end of this posting.) I got here just in time for the weather to finally get cold. Usually this time of year Boston is CHILLY-- well below freezing each day. But it's been warm here all winter... up until yesterday. It is WAY colder than what it's been like in Seattle. Brrr. I get to be here until Saturday night -- spending lots of time hanging out with Mima and Aunt Lorraine, knitting, chatting and keeping up with the news.

Cheers everyone!


Tera said...

Yeah, that Hasselback really forced one deep to Branch, didn't he!

Jackie said...

Hello again, Ms.V. Remember me? :) Of course. I'm Jackie. I'm in Ms.Thomas's class at Endeavour Elementary in fourth grade. Also, do you know who "tera" is???? I don't. :( How come you decided to make a web site??? I would, but I don't think my parents would let me...... :( Oh well...
Write back soon!

Jenny @ Concord said...

Marcia, Sandy and I are so happy for you and we look forward in following your wonderful adventure.


Marcia Ventura said...

Tera, Ha!!!I'm so glad you have finally gotten into football.

Jackie, of course I remember you! You helped me take the tent down yesterday at Endeavour. I do know who Tear is-- she's a very good friend of mine who knows little about football, and I like to give her a hard time about that.

I decided to make a website because I thought it was the best way to keep in touch with my friends, family, and kids while I am traveling this year. So far it's worked really well. Best to ask your parents for sure if you want to start one, but my biggest advice is to have a purpose and an audience. Cheers Jackie!

Marcia Ventura said...

And to Jenny and Sandy: Your support and good wishes mean the world to me. Great seeing you today. Much love to you both and to everyone at Concord.